How The Movie Baby Driver Reminds Us Why We Love Music So Much

Going to Texas in July, I was able to do a lot of really great things: try new foods, explore a part of the United States I had never seen before, and watch movies I always had pending on my to-do list. One of the movies I was excited to watch with my friends was 2017’s Baby Driver. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see this film in theaters like I wanted to, but you know what they say, everything happens for a reason. I really didn’t know what to expect from this movie seeing is it was out of my comfort zone and something I don’t usually watch. I’m used to watching movies like Star Wars, The Fault in Our Stars, The Avengers, and Love, Simon. This film, starring Ansel Elgort, Eiza González, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Foxx, is a crime action and drama. Very different than what I’m used to. I bet you’re wondering why I had such interest in this gangster-centered drama if it’s completely out of my comfort zone. Two words: Ansel Elgort. After seeing him in The Fault in Our Stars, I instantly became infatuated with the guy. His acting? On point. His looks? Out of this galaxy. His personality? Okay, marry me already Ansel. Baby Driver reminded me why I truly love music, how it affects me as a person, and the blessing of music itself.

Baby Driver is about a young getaway driver named Baby who works for a crime boss named Doc, who orders him to get his henchman from point A to point B. With the right track playing, he can make sick moves in his Subaru WRX STI.  The music on his iPod his an essential key to survival for young Baby due to a car accident he was in with his parents, who perished when the collision occurred. From that accident, Baby developed audiological and neurological condition called Tinnitus. This condition involves a constant, annoying ringing in the ears. With the help of music, the ringing is sure to stop. And that’s exactly what Baby turns to.

Like I said in my past blog post, Feel the Music, I love music. I love everything about it, I love almost all its genres, and I love the power it has over the entire human race. In that post I also mentioned the impact it had on me during my years in high school. I didn’t realize it until a little later on, but music was really my only outlet for when I was downing out. Hans Christian Anderson once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” I can attest to that.

The character of Baby has a somewhat similar connection to music as I do. Like me, music is like his wing man, always there for support when he needs it the most. Without the right tune, he just simply cannot live or do his job. The right song gets him into the right groove and the perfect mood. During those heists, Baby uses his music to not only get the job done right but to tune out the tinnitus. It’s very clear throughout the movie that music is not only a big component in Baby’s life, but the film itself as well. The music serves as both an inspiring and fun key in Baby Driver.

Watching this movie, with the help of Ansel Elgort’s amazing acting, I was able to see a lot of myself in the character of Baby. On a personal level, I too use my music to help cope with traumatic events that have occurred in my life. When Baby takes a car carrying a dead body to the junk yard, he has a flashback of him and his parents in the accident. He’s quick to play his iPod and start singing along to Commodores’ ‘Easy’. In order for me to write anything, whether it be a blog post or my book that I’m currently working on, I have to be listening to the right music that fits the right mood of whatever it is I’m writing. As I’m typing this, I’m listening to my favourite music because it helps me write about how and why I love music so much. To do a good job as a getaway driver, Baby has to have upbeat music to help amp him up and keep him motivated to escape the incoming police cars coming his way. The music keeps him positive and in check.

At the end of the day, music really is the universal language. Our choice of songs and artists says a lot about who we are as a person. A quote I’ve seen from time to time says, “My music will tell you more about me than my mouth ever could.” No matter who you are, no matter the walk of life you’re currently on, no matter how old you are, there’s always that one song or one artist that speaks to your soul and knows exactly how you feel. Maybe it’s a song that helps you cope with the loss of a loved one. Maybe there’s an artist that you can relate to more than you relate to your own friends. Maybe there’s a certain playlist you always keep on shuffle while at work because it helps you get through the day. Either way, music has impacted your life one way or another. I know it’s definitely impacted mine.




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