Want to know more about me, the Badass Bisexual Burguete? Such a nosy Nelly aren’t you! Well, let me start off by saying my name is Nathaniel Jose Douglas Burguete, but you know, you can just call me Nate. I live in Canada, Ontario. I am currently enrolled in my fourth and last year of high school. I have an unhealthy obsession with Star Wars. Last but not least, I’m a deep sleeper.

My passion for writing began roughly around the time when I was seven. I had just been introduced to the Star Wars fandom thanks to my father. I started writing what you would call ‘fan fiction’ of the Star wars universe. I look back at them from time to time and boy do I ever cringe. But I’m nonetheless grateful for it because I had not written those cringe-worthy fan fictions of Star Wars, I would have never found my one true love, and that is literature.

At the end of May 2017, I joined a co-op placement at a local non-profit organization known as Habitat For Humanity. There, I met my new best friend Sherina Harris. I could write an entire book series on why she’s my best friend and our entire friendship as a whole but let’s just say she’s the sole inspiration why I’m making this blog. So here I am, and here I’ll stay, as Elsa from Frozen says. What can you expect from me you ask? Blog posts, duh. What are they going to be about? Oh, right. Hmm, let’s see. LGBTQ plus topics, Star Wars, writing, dogs, my idols and role models, my undying love for music, my inner fanboy, storytelling, and shortbread cookies. Wanna know more? Follow my blog and let’s begin a journey together. That’ll be five hundred dollars please.

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